50 marketplaces!

New milestone!

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

With connections to 50 marketplaces, Sello has reached a new milestone!💥

This year has really been an exciting year for Sello. Multiple new connections to different kinds of systems and above all, different marketplaces.

Sello has invested heavily in marketplaces in 2021, both when it comes to creating new connections and improving existing ones.

Has there been any specific thought behind it when it comes to which marketplaces Sello has built a connection to?

"Recently we have had the great pleasure of welcoming a large number of new customers to Sello and these customers sell products within a wide range - everything from fashion to home electronics. We are driven by increasing our customers' sales and therefore wanted to offer the strongest marketplaces in their niche across Europe. In addition, we listen carefully to our customers and if they lack a marketplace, we look at building an integration there." - Christoffer Andersson, CEO at Sello.

How has it been for the onboarding team with so many new connections?

"It's been educational! It's always a challenge the first time a new marketplace is released as each marketplace has different product requirements, but with each onboarding process, it's been easier and faster. It's also really great to get in touch with so many new people, both new e-merchants and new marketplace contacts." - Emma Lund, Senior Onboarding Manager at Sello.

Will Sello take a break from releasing new marketplaces?

"No. We will continue to create new connections to marketplaces. We will also accelerate with other kinds of new integrations in 2022 that we feel we have missed. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with any information here, but you will simply have to stay updated ." - Christoffer Andersson, CEO at Sello.

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