The French marketplace for home, gardening and animals

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Truffaut is a French marketplace that specializes in products for your home, garden, and animals.

This marketplace chooses third-party sellers based on their products’ quality and the delivery terms. They also look at your reputation, if your headquarter is located in Europe, and your after-sales-service.

Like many other marketplaces, the buyer will be able to differentiate your products and Truffaut’s thanks to the text “Sold by ***” on the actual offer.


3 quick advantages with Truffaut:

  • The site has 24 million visitors/year.
  • Your products will receive exposure from a large community that have a high interest in landscaping, plants, animals, and home.
  • You get your own page with information about your company, delivery times, reviews, etc.

A classifying algorithm

Truffaut has an algorithm that classifies the products in each specific category, this algorithm determines which products should be at the top and it takes the following criteria into consideration:

  • The number of sales during the previous 14 days
  • The product’s availability
  • And if possible, filters that the customer has selected, e.g. color, size, price, etc.

Are you interested in selling at this marketplace? Send us an email here and we will pair you up with our contact person.

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