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Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Switzerland’s biggest department store chain Manor launched their marketplace in February 2021. The reason for this launch is that they want to offer their customers a broader product range and enhance the customer experience. So far they have set 60 partners live with more than 200,000 offers.

Manor has 98 % brand awareness in Switzerland and they have over 100 years of experience. This marketplace offers products within the following categories: fashion, children's wear, sports, beauty, jewelry, home & household, toys, and much more.

Advantages with Manor:

  • 50+ million visits/year
  • 20% of Swiss population visit every month
  • 1.45m active online customers
  • 800% online growth over past 3 years

If you want to target customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein this is a great marketplace for you! Several brands can be found on this platform, follow this link to see the full list: Manor brands


Carefully selected partners

As with many other marketplaces, the customer will be able to spot the difference between your products and Manors thanks to the text “sold and shipped by” next to the product. All the prices are in Swiss francs hence payments are only accepted in this currency.

Manor carefully selects their partners, and they have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • have a Swiss VAT number.
  • Provide products with unique EANs
  • Provide product titles, and descriptions in French and German (mandatory), Italian is optional
  • High quality images (reco: 2000 x 2000 pixel, RGB, white background, 3+ images)
  • Best in class operations: Shipments with tracking, return address
  • Reactive and multilingual Customer Service

The non-Swiss partners must:

  • Take care of the customs directly (ask Manor to be introduced to their customs partner if needed)
  • Provide the customer with a local return address (can be offered by Manor's customs partners or if return address abroad free shipping has to be offered)

In addition to this, Manor review the following on an everyday basis:

  • speed of acceptance and dispatch of orders
  • reliability of services
  • quality and responsiveness of customer service and after-sales.


Logistics outside EU

As this marketplace is from Switzerland who’s not a member of the EU, something that can cause some challenges for international sellers are the logistics and customs management. Luckily, the support team at Manor has experience with international sellers and will hence help new ones with this as well.

Manor's pricing model

  • Manor takes a monthly Marketplace fee of 39CHF on top of the variable sales commission fees (If you don't sell anything one particular month, you won't be charged for this).
  • Partners are credited directly to their partner bank account, on the 1st and 15th of every month.


Are you interested in selling at this marketplace? Apply to be a seller here.

Are you already selling at Manor and want to connect it to Sello? Send our onboarding managers an email here.

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