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Are you interested in selling on marketplaces and want to test it out without risk losing money? Try Sello free of charge with the marketplace Fruugo!

Alexander Westerdahl


By Alexander Westerdahl

Are you interested in selling on marketplaces and want to test it out without risk losing money? Try Sello free of charge with the marketplace Fruugo! With Fruugo you can advertise your products on all or any of their 31 supported countries.

We offers sellers who wish to sell on marketplaces a risk-free solution by beginning to sell on the marketplace Fruugo. The partnership between Sello and Fruugo means that you as a seller will get access to Sello’s platform and its many features and services free of charge when selling exclusively on Fruugo. We also offer free support.


Sello has several years of experience in helping sellers integrate and start selling on Fruugo. Our integration to Fruugo is adaptable to allow you as a seller to have an integration that both works flawlessly and that is tailored to your needs. We also offer free support and help you get started on Fruugo.

Sello was made with product management and order processing in mind and has powerful product management tools and order management tools makes it easy to run your business. For example, you can quickly printing delivery notes straight from Sello with the press of a button and when launching a new product to a marketplace you can categorize products in bulk or update products with import. To help you analyze your sales, Sello provide you with sales statistics and will list your best selling products.


Sello does not only offer smart and efficient tools for product management but also offer tools for a time saving and accurate order management. One of the most important features for order management is the possibility to work with several orders at the same time which saves time. Sello’s built-in features makes it possible to update orders statuses, print delivery notes and create picking lists for several orders at the same time.

Scandinavian based sellers in need of further order management functions can purchase the popular extension Unifaun Online which makes it possible to book shipping straight from Sello.


Sello support several systems to importing existing products to Sello’s platform. If you are using Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify or Magento you can use our smart app ChannelConnector to import products to Sello. The app is installed in your webshop and automatically sends product information from your webshop to Sello. The products are then created in Sello so that you can choose to publish the products on Fruugo.

Are you using a different system than the above? Then you can use product information from a Google Shopping product feed to create your products. Sello will create products and automatically update the created products based on the information in the Google Shopping feed. It is also possible to create products with a JSON-product feed or create the products manually in Sello.


There is no cost to publish products on Fruugo. The only fee you need to pay is the Fruugo order fee which is only applied when your products are sold on Fruugo. The order fee is calculated on a percentage of the order total and a fee on the entire transaction. A Sello account normally cost 19 EUR and a percentage on your order total (without VAT) for each month, but with this offer you do not need to pay these fees and your Sello usage is free of charge.

To be part of this offer you will need a Sello account without any connections to other marketplaces as well as not using the standard connection to Prestashop or Woocommerce. Do you already have a connection to one of our marketplaces or is using the standard connection to webshops but are interested in Fruugo? Contact us at and we will help you.

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