Black Week Stats

How did Black Week go? We have gathered some statistics that summarize this week.

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

This summary will go through the following points:

  • 2021 vs. 2020
  • Which day(s) during Black Week sold the most/least products?
  • Top 5 marketplaces during Black Week.
  • Best-selling products

2021 vs. 2020

If we compare last year's Black Week, ie. 2020 with this year, one can see a clear decrease of about 60,000 orders.

Several factors may play a role in why sales are lower this year compared to 2020. Some companies have chosen to boycott Black Week as they want to take the more sustainable path instead of supporting more consumption.

The removal of restrictions can be another contributing factor as it may have led to more consumers choosing to shop in physical stores.

Finally, consumers are getting savvier and today there are tools for them to keep track of the price history. Thus, more and more people are careful about comparing prices to see if it really is a good sale or not.


What did it look like day by day?

Most products were sold on this day

Black Friday turned out to be the most popular day to shop (what a surprise), Sello received a total of 63,530 orders on Friday. But, what's very interesting for this year is that Sunday was very close to Friday, and when we say close, we mean very close.

Sello received 63,525 orders on Sunday, so there are only 5 orders between these days. This shows that many consumers prefer to shop online on Sundays. When looking at the time, there is a minor difference. The afternoon/evening was a somewhat more popular time compared to the morning.

The day when least products were sold

Mon-Wed had the fewest sales during the entire Black Week, after which Tuesday was the day that Sello received the least orders. Half as many came in on Tuesday compared with Black Friday, ie. Sello received 30,650 orders throughout the day. In second place came Wednesday with its 31,775 orders.

Marketplaces from which Sello received the most orders from

It is important to note that CDON, Fyndiq, and Tradera are Sello's most popular marketplaces, so it is no wonder that these three end up at the top.

The number next to the name is the total sum of all orders received by Sello, ie. the total price sum of all orders.

Sello's top 5 marketplaces during Black Week:

  • CDON: 24 080 625
  • Fyndiq: 15 433 147
  • Tradera: 8 973 122
  • Miinto: 6 497 282
  • Fruugo: 2 333 345


Best-selling products

Many different product categories sold well during Black Week, but when we look at sellers who generated the most sales during this week, we can see that the following products stood out a little extra.

  • Perfumes
  • Lego advent calendar
  • Fitness/activity tracker
  • Reflective vest
  • Robot vacuum cleaner

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