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Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Stadium is Sweden's leading sports retail chain, both in-store sales, and e-commerce. In recent years, they have had a large and stable growth in both the number of visitors and sales in the digital trade. Stadium's first store was opened in 1987 and since then they have expanded continuously, in 2007 they launched the webshop

Now, in 2021, Stadium has launched the digital marketplace Stadium Connect. It gives more sports brands the opportunity to sell their products via Stadium's webshop.

Today, Stadium has over 22,000 products online, and with their digital marketplace, they want to expand their range to their customers and offer more products in categories they are already strong in today, but also in categories they want to grow in such as fitness, martial arts, etc.

"We started investigating the possibility of a marketplace already a couple of years ago and have since then had a dialogue with a number of our existing suppliers who saw several benefits. The service was launched at the beginning of May, and during the summer we started working with about ten partners. Now we notice how the interest is growing, both among our customers and partners." says Tommy Resin, Head of Marketplace at Stadium.


Advantages of Stadium Connect:

Stadium is a well-known name among most Swedes as well as many others in the Nordic region. With their 4 million members, they have one of Sweden's largest customer clubs. Being a part of their family platform will benefit your products and your brand.

As a third-party seller at Stadium Connect, you will have full control over the prices and which products you want to activate, ie. you don’t have to activate your entire product range. Not only will you have access to their customer base, but Stadium will also take care of the payment and customer service.

You will also not have to compete with other parties, you will be alone with your specific product.

Your products will be valued in the same way as Stadiums, ie:

  • Newsfeed
  • Product feed
  • Product proposal for the end customer

Stadium automates many of its campaigns and newsletters depending on the customer's behavior on the site and/or the history of Stadium's sites to make the product flow unique and more personal. Thanks to this, the range that a partner puts up has the same value and the same opportunity to be seen in e.g. digital marketing and email communication. Stadium is, however, the one that determines the orientations and content in campaigns and communication towards the customers.


What is important to know before you start selling at Stadium Connect?


  • This marketplace has high demands on what the images should look like and how they should be structured. The images should have a transparent background and the main image should consist of your product in focus, after the main image, model images and detail images should be next. Sello can help make the background transparent and other possible image requirements.

The following attributes are required:

  • Product category
  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • Article number
  • Size
  • EAN
  • Gender
  • Color (your own color)
  • Filtercolor (Stadium colors that the customer can filter on).
  • Product description

USP (Unique Selling Point) / Sales arguments

  • Stadium wants you to state different sales arguments, so-called USP's. This can e.g. be "high quality", "waterproof" etc. You can easily specify these attributes in Sello.

How do you become successful at Stadium?

You should have a dedicated resource that works actively with the range and offering towards Stadium as a marketplace. Meaning, people who work continuously to:

  • Refine and enrich the products
  • Add new products continuously
  • See opportunities in all your products

Are you interested in selling on this marketplace? Press here to apply for a seller account.

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