Åhléns Marketplace

This marketplace has 57 department stores around Sweden and is a well-known name among most Swedes.

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund


Åhléns is a perfect marketplace for you who want to reach many customers in Sweden. Even sellers outside the EU can sell their products on this marketplace. It is possible to sell your products in department stores, but it is more common to start online, as the other requires a lot of planning.

When applying to sell at Åhléns, the marketplace will go through your brand. If they feel that the brand is a good match with their marketplace, you will be allowed to proceed with your application. What Åhléns looks at is whether your brand fits into their product range and the feeling they get from your brand and your products. Of course, they also look at the price, they want to be able to offer their customers good products at good prices.

Interior design, women’s fashion, and beauty are their best-selling categories. Åhléns is also actively looking for new product categories that would be a good match against their customers.


  • They have a membership club with 2.4 million members
  • Incredibly large & well known in Sweden
  • You have the chance to sell in their department stores around Sweden
  • New products are displayed high up on the site for 2 whole weeks.



  • EAN
  • Brand
  • Male/Female
  • Size
  • Color

The product images need to be square with a white or light background. Åhléns does not allow text on the pictures. You need to have at least two and maximum five pictures. But since we have many sellers who are live at Åhlens, we have already built-in support for Sello to automatically convert the images to a square format of 1000×1000. Hence, you as a seller don’t have to worry about that. You must also be able to deliver orders within 6 working days, with an exception of order items.

Are you interested in selling at Åhléns? Send us an email at support@sello.io.

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