Succeed on online marketplaces - Part 3. Attributes

Why are attributes so important?

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund


The description and images aren't all, adding attributes is also vital. Many marketplaces have several attributes you can add to improve your exposure. Several marketplaces also have numerous mandatory attributes. Hence to succeed at marketplaces, attributes need a lot of attention. If you have good and structured product data, Sello can easily import it and map it to the marketplaces'​ required data. Some general attributes that are good to have and sometimes necessary to have are:

  • GTIN/EAN/UPC - We can’t stress enough how valuable this is to have
  • MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Material percentage
  • Gender
  • Age-group​
  • Country of origin

As mentioned above, these are just some general attributes, some marketplaces such as Amazon and Zalando require a lot of attributes as they are very meticulous about the product data. Sello’s onboarding team has a lot of experience and will guide you and help you with all of this.


How does the mapping between my product data and the marketplace's requirements work?

It all depends on your product data, but let's take the attribute "size" as an example. If you have a "size" field in your product data your onboarding manager can match that to the sizes the marketplaces have. If you don't have such a field, perhaps you have it in your product description? Title? Or perhaps in your SKU. In that case, your onboarding manager can still take it from there and match it to the marketplace's size attribute.

The same goes for other attributes, if you have some information regarding it in your data, your onboarding manager will find it and map it.

Once it's mapped and matched in Sello, all products will automatically get it.

In other words, you avoid the headache of adding all of these manually.

If you have any questions about the type of attributes required by different marketplaces or other general questions, send us an email at

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