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Which one (s) should I choose for my web shop?

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund


Did you know that the sense of security of your webshop visitors can affect your conversion? And that the payment solutions have an impact on the feeling of security?

We have seen that many questions about different payment solutions have been circulating for a long time, so to facilitate decisions about this, we have summarized some of the most common and popular payment solutions below.



Something that most people recognize in Sweden is Klarna Checkout. Which is not so strange as it is the cash solution that most people use in Sweden. Klarna is available in the following countries: US, UK, DE, NL, AT, SE, FI, NO, DK Your customers will be able to easily choose which delivery option they want. Almost the majority of e-commerce platforms support Klarna and the installation process is usually relatively quick and simple.


  1. Personal touch. The information for customers who have shopped from you before will have been saved and filled in. Thanks to this, your returning customers will be able to complete their purchase in a few seconds.
  2. Payment options. With Klarna checkout, the following options are included: pay later, split up, pay by card or bank transfer.
  3. Support: Just like for consumers, you as a buyer do not have to bear the risk of credit and fraud, but Klarna will protect you and always make sure that you get your payment.

You can read more about Klarna [here] (


With Trustly, you can reach customers around Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. It does not require a card or an app download, not even a registration for direct bank payments to go from one account to another. Trustly is quick and easy, both when it comes to payments and refunds. Your customers will be able to pay directly and securely, either via your site or app if you have it. There is also no limit amount for transactions. Recurring payments will also be able to run as a subscription, the only thing required is a signed electronic consent from your customer. Customers will also be able to split their payments and schedule them, they simply decide for themselves how they want to do.


  • 12 million payments / month
  • 4.5 thousand corporate customers
  • 4.5 thousand corporate customers
  • 600 million have the opportunity to pay with trustly

You can read more about Trustly [here] (


Are you a B2B or B2C company? Or maybe both? It does not matter here, Svea works equally well for both! On Svea's website, you can also try to "shop" to see what a purchase would look like with Svea.


Invoice. Svea buys the invoice, they also take care of all reminders and non-payment. The day after the invoice has been created, your money will come in. 2. Card payment. A very safe choice for both you and your customers as Svea works with the most common readings on the market. 3. Partial payment. With partial payment, the chance of more and larger purchases also increases. You will receive your money as early as the day after you have delivered to the customer, while the customer himself will be able to pay at the rate he feels like. You can also add this to your campaigns - "buy now pay later". 4. Direct bank payment. Svea cooperates with the most popular banks, so if your customer chooses this, they will go on to their internet bank and have the opportunity to pay directly there.

Read more about Svea [here] (


The following payment methods are included when you become a customer of Payson:

  • Internet banking
  • Card payment
  • Partial payment Invoice that can also be paid with Swish.

Thanks to their app, you can also see your transactions in a smooth way, as well as transfer money. When it comes to orders, you only need to think about sending the packages, this then after an order is made, orders in Payson are processed in the same way and its content and the customer's delivery address are communicated. You can also review the development of your webshop inside your company account, by keeping track of your customers, creating reports, etc. A big plus on the edge is that Payson also offers to help with marketing.

More information about Payson can be found [here] (


PayPal has over 346 million customers worldwide, and they are today available on most platforms and marketplaces. PayPal Commerce Platform offers not only smooth payments but also fraud protection, as well as the ability to offer a variety of payment methods to your customers. It only takes a few minutes for your payments to arrive in your PayPal account.

You can read more about PayPal [here] (


Another well-known and very popular payment system is Qliro. They have 4 million paid customers in the Nordic region. However, Qliro only cooperates with major retailers, so we have chosen not to write about them. But if you are a very large e-retailer, Qliro is something to recommend, if you follow this link you will come to their page for companies: [Qliro] ( )


Swish has 7 million users and is very popular today, especially among people between the ages of 18-40. However, this payment method is only suitable for the Swedish currency. With Swish Handel, you can receive payments online at your web shop or in your app. Customers who pay with Swish will receive a confirmation of their payment directly in the app, but it is important to note that that confirmation does not work as a receipt, but you must leave a receipt for the customer's purchase. The price for it varies from bank to bank. Below we have summarized some information about the prices for the three most popular corporate banks Nordea, SEB and Swedbank

** Swedbank **

  • SEK 3 / payment received
  • SEK 50 / month
  • Setup Price / Swish number SEK 1,000

[Read more here] (

** Nordea **

  • Get notices and see payments received in the Nordea Swish Company App
  • The money is deposited directly into your account. You will receive notice of payment received directly in Nordea Swish Företag Admin, App or Webb.
  • Connection price: SEK 500
  • Annual price: SEK 600
  • Price per received Swish payment: SEK 1.50 + 0.3%, max SEK 10
  • Installment Price: SEK 2 per refund

You can read more about [Nordea and Swish here] (

** SEB **

  • Price per month: SEK 60.
  • Payment via Swish: SEK 3 / pc.

For full prices click [here] (


No matter which payment system you choose, you always benefit from increasing the trust of your current and potential customers. You might even be able to send out an email to your current customers and ask which payment system they want was on your web shop. We have seen a few e-retailers do it, and they have received very good answers based on that.

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