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Can I increase my brand awareness while I'm having a clearance sale? - Yes you can!

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

What kind of marketplace is Secret Sales? Secret Sales is a British marketplace that went from being an ordinary flash-sale site to a solid marketplace. Secret Sales’ main focus is on fashion- and sports clothing. However, if you sell luxury cosmetics, shoes, accessories, or products within the category Homeware you also have the chance to publish your products at this global marketplace. In similarity with the marketplace Campadre, you need to have competitive prices, preferably outlet prices. Since this marketplace’s name is, after all, Secret Sales.


If you for instance have excess inventory that you need to get rid of but are scared to set too low prices in your own shop as it could have a bad effect on your “normal” sales, Secret Sales is a smart channel. Then you will be able to offer your products to a whole new customer base and be seen on a platform together with well-known brands and at the same time not risk losing any of your current sales. One could thus say that it’s a win-win situation.

Secret Sales want to create a unique digital shopping experience for consumers where they can pick and choose between the most popular brands, everything from high-end high street to luxury. One could almost say that it’s a “luxury sale-site”. I.e. Secret Sales has really succeeded in creating a site where everyone can shop yet still keep the feeling of exclusivity and luxury.



Thanks to a GDPR-compliant shared data program, Secret Sales give brands the chance to promote their fullprice products on their own channels to customers who have purchased something from them on Secret Sales.

Secret Sales is also growing at a rapid pace on Social Media, thus you as a merchant will have the chance to reach out to customers directly in their favorite apps. Their current status on Social Media is as follows:

  • Instagram: 17t followers
  • Facebook: 195t followers
  • Twitter: 19t followers
  • Pinterest: 5,3t followers and 3,1 million visits/month


If you for instance have products left from previous seasons and want to get rid of those via a clearance sale, but are at the same time scared of affecting your brand and losing sales on your products for this season. We could highly recommend this British marketplace, Secret Sales.

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