Vanden Borre

A Belgian marketplace that focuses on electronics

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Vanden Borre is a Belgian marketplace that focuses on audio, TV, multimedia, and household electrical equipment. It belongs to the Fnac Darty group who is one of Europes biggest distributors within the categories of household electrical, cultural and technical products. To prove the group's largeness, they have a turnover of EUR 7.4 billion with personnel consisting of 26,000 employees.


A customer oriented marketplace

Vanden Borre has 73 stores in Belgium, its annual turnover is €400 million, and its website has +10 million visitors/year. This marketplace is very customer-oriented and is very keen on keeping their customers satisfied, hence to receive a high rating on their platform, having good reviews is essential.

How do you get good reviews then? When a customer places an order, he/she will receive an email asking to evaluate the purchase. The better and more accurate product data you have, the more likely it is that the customer will get what he/she expects. Hence, make sure you put some extra effort into your products descriptions and their images.


Enter the Belgian market

As with the majority of all the marketplaces, the customer will be able to differentiate your product thanks to the text “sold by” next to the product. Only customers with a Belgium delivery address can order products from Vanden Borre marketplace. Hence, this is a good marketplace for you who only wants to target customers on the Belgian market.

To get in contact with Vanden Borre, send them an email here:

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